URBAN-X Hackathon: How can we make cities more equitable, more participatory, more open using IoT + Urban Data + Data Science?

  • How can we use public urban data to improve citizen’s urban experience?
  • How can we remove barriers to accessing & distributing urban sensor, device data?
  • How can we combine IoT + Data Science to provide equitable insight to citizens and governance?
  • Can we create ways to see and experience the city in a more safer, faster or easier way?
  • What are urban pain or pleasure points ?

URBAN-X's mission is to catalyze, educate, invest in, and advocate for startups who are shaping the future of cities through technology. We are looking to rock the world and make a positive change to making cities more livable and sustainable and we want you be part of this.

At the Disrupt Hackathon, Hax and MiniUSA have teamed up with TechCrunch to run the FIRST its kind, URBAN OS hack event whose goal is to explore new ways to use city data, creating new products and services that make cities more livable, efficient, and sustainable. This is your chance to join a true first and show us what you can build to make the city a better place and have your worked judged by our judges; people passionate about making it happen.

We'd love to have YOU join us and hack against our projects. Please send a short description of you and a hack idea or two at the link below:

Application Form.

Teams will use open data produced by the City of New York or any other data feeds that we approve to hack together something epic. As always, we award extra points for innovative use of hardware in your project! We want to see what you can do with city data and bring it together with your technical skills and show us something cool, useful or both. You can make an application, a website or even a device but you need to utilize the data feed provided and demonstrate what insights or functionality you have developed.

The URBAN-X team will reward the teams with their favorite demo with cash prizes! 1st Place $3500, 2nd Place $1000, 3rd $500We will judge the demos on originality, impact, execution and ingenuity in achieving the goal of helping to create a better city with data.


Using any of these data sets https://nycopendata.socrata.com/ develop a predictive model, data visualization, or proto app that can deliver insight, solutions or warnings for creating better cities.

Some examples of hacks but not limited to

  • Smart meters, energy reduction and carbon footprint reduction and how it may have fiscal or economic impact
  • Crime & neighborhoods with heat maps and time series showing hot spots and cold spots
  • Urban flows, pedestrian flows, traffic flows, urban sensors and predictive algorithms
  • Clean Streets, quality of our streets, lighting, impacts on streets and user experience
  • Antisocial behavior, noise complaints can show us problem trends in the city over time
  • Impacts of transformation and planning on streets, and impacts on social environment
  • These are just simple examples and more creative insights and hacks can be done limited only by your imagination and talent.